Mason Dixon Star Party 2013 - July 10 to 14

Raffle Prizes

MDSP Raffle 2013


These below vendors support MDSP and Amateur Astronomy.  If you need a new eyepiece, a new case, or a new gift idea - check these vendors who support amateur astronomy out first!

Each Star Party registered adult is given 2 free raffle tickets.  Extra tickets can be bought at the Star Party site for  $2 each, 12 for $20. Presently, raffle tickets can not be bought online.  During the event, each prize will have a container for raffle tickets.  Place as many raffle tickets in the containers for the prizes you most want to win.

Donors and Raffle for 2013

One XL blue sweatshirt and one XL sand t-shirt. Visit us at: Teeter's Telescopes
The Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association 2 T- shirts donated from Mid Hudson Astronomical Association. Visit Mid-Hudson AstronomicalAssociation at: MHAA
We will provide 2 door prizes. It will be 2 observing accessories packages of some of our most popular items.
Each package is valued at about $100.00
Visit us at:  Astro Gizmos


Astro Gizmos

Tetter's Telescopes, LLC