Mason Dixon Star Party 2015 - July 15-19

Raffle Prizes

Donors and Raffle for Summer of 2015

Each Star Party registered adult is given 2 free raffle tickets.  Extra tickets can be bought at the Star Party site for  $2 each, 12 for $20 Presently, raffle tickets can not be bought online.  During the event, each prize will have a container for raffle tickets.  Place as many raffle tickets in the containers for the prizes you most want to win.

Please Support The Below People Who Support Amateur Astronomy and The 2015 MDSP

"Galactic Art"

galactic art

Burt Aulisio, is donating a work of his art for a raffle prize. See: Galactic Art

"Orion Telescopes & Binoculars"

Orion Telescopes and Binoculars is happy to participate in this years
26th Annual Mason-Dixon Star party event that will take place on     
July 15th - July 19th.

Stk #             Quan   Description
Price  S&H
08447               1   Orion 10x25 E-Series Monocular. See: Monocular
30.99     0.00
05942               1   Orion AstroGoggles. See: AstroGoggles
9.99     0.00
04110               1   Orion Star Target Planisphere. See: Planisphere
13.77     0.00
51919               1   Orion MoonMap 260. See: MoonMap
12.99     0.00
51926               1   Orion Jupiter Map & Observing Guide. See: Jupiter Map & Observing Guide
19.99     0.00
51924               1   Orion Mars Map & Observing Guide. See: Mars Map & Observing Guide
19.99     0.00
51925               1   Orion Saturn Map & Observing Guide. See: Saturn Map & Observing Guide
19.99     0.00
21067               1   Orion Solar System, Moon, and Meteors Poster Kit. See: Orion Poster Kit

"Sky Stones Meteorites"

Raffle TBA

"Big Bang Prints"


Big Bang Prints is donating below 2- murals

1- Andromeda Galaxy 48" x 24" repositionable fabric HD wall mural

1- Whirlpool Galaxy 36" x 36" repositionable fabric HD wall mural

Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association

MHAA is donating 2 MHAA T-Shirts

Celestron is donating one NexImage 5 Solar System Imager, valued at $199.95 for the MDSP raffle. See details: NexImage 5 Solar System Imager

We wish you all a fun and successful star party. Many thanks to all the participants who support Celestron throughout the years! - Celestron

my Case Builder donates a $50 Gift Certificate.

MyCaseBuilder is the ultimate tool for creating your own custom-designed foam inserts for cases of all shapes and sizes, with NO minimum order requirements. With our clean, web-based software package, there is no file downloading, no program installation, and most importantly -- no hassle. With precision measuring aids and easy to use shape-manipulation tools, the only limitation to making the perfect foam-filled case is your imagination! MyCaseBuilder comes with over 25-years worth of top-notch customer service in the custom foam fabrication industry to ensure that what you design meets all your expectations.

Sky Shed Pod



Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

Galactic Art 

Sky Stones Meteorites


Big Bang Prints


my Case Builder