Mason Dixon Star Party 2015 - July 15-19



There are "No vendor fees!" If you would like to be a Vendor contact us here: Vendors

Vendors below for Summer 2015 MDSP

Sky Stones Meteorite Display


Are you curious about meteorites? A meteorite is a natural object that originates in outer space - a sky stone - that survives a fall to Earth. Meteorites that are recovered after being observed as they transited the atmosphere or impacted the Earth are called "falls". All other meteorites are known as "finds". As of mid-2006, there are approximately 1,050 witnessed falls having specimens in the world's collections. In contrast, there are over 31,000 well-documented meteorite finds.
So what you see here is not only rare, but very documented and very unique! Make time from your busy day to enjoy. Perhaps you would like to own your own meteorite?

"Galactic Art"

Space Art for the New Millennium

galactic art

At Galactic Art you will find one of a kind- original- space and fantasy art for home or office. Burton Aulisio artwork makes a great gift or art investment, for both the commercial and private collector.

You can be observing the stars in minutes! The dream of every astronomer.

At Divine Candy Creations, our only limitation is your imagination!

Automatic turn off modification for the Telrad finder, prolongs battery life.
On site demonstration, and installation available.

"Busy Bee Food Vendor"

Meals available at this point:

Friday -----------dinner

Saturday --------breakfast and dinner

Sunday ----------Breakfast






2015 Vendors

Sky Stones
Galactic Art
Busy Bee
Sky Shed Pod
Devine Candy Creations