Mason Dixon Star Party 2011

Emergency Contact:

Emergency messages may be left on the YCAS messaging system. Messages are checked infrequently, and not on any particular time schedule. Please leave only emergency messages.

(717) 578-9109   

YCAS members will be working at the Star Party and emails will not be checked over the weekend.

What is the MDSP?
The MDSP stands for the Mason Dixon Star Party. The MDSP is hosted by the York County Astronomical Society of York County, Pennsylvania. A star party is large gathering of amateur astronomers who meet, typically for a weekend for observations, and other activities, such as education, presentations, and other fun activities. [top]
How do I get my shirts?
The price of our shirts, sweatshirts and golf shirts do not include shipping. Clothing can be picked up at the information desk after you check in at the registration tent. If you need anything shipped to you, please contact us to make arrangements. [top]
Can I bring my pet?
PETS ARE allowed, but must be kept on a leash, and cleaned up after. They are NOT ALLOWED in the pool area, in the Little Hut, nor the Restaurant. [top]
How often are payment checks cashed?
All checks received will be cashed on Saturday morning of that week. [top]
Can I run a generator outside of my RV?
We ask that if you will be running a generator overnight, that you setup your camp away from those that are tenting, down towards the far end of the taxiway.[top]
How can I recharge my power supplies?
For charging, there will be at least 16 exterior receptacles on the concrete pad near the bunkhouse. [top]
Does the Day Rate include night time observing?
YES! The day rate includes night time observing. You may bring your observing equipment and set up with everyone else, but you may not camp at the event site. The day rate does not include any camping privileges. [top]
May I camp the day before or an additional day?
Permission to stay past our advertised times will be at the discretion of the property owner for an additional fee and are undetermined at this time. [top]
Is there a refund for inclement weather?
As indicated on the registration pages, all registrations are non-refundable. Although it may not be apparent to attendees, there are vast amounts of planning and preparations that go into a Star Party. Along with this, there are large fixed costs that are not refundable for the event organizers. Our registrations fees are on par with other star parties. The registration fee also includes a seat at the presentations, free raffle tickets, a picnic, and other events. Inclement weather may depress the amount of attendees, but it will improve your chances on winning a raffle prize! [top]
How do I get to the MDSP?
Surf to our Maps & Directions page. [top]
What are the coordinates and altitude for the MDSP site?
Coordinates: 40° 2′ 10″ N, 76° 49′ 55″ W
Altitude: 540ft above sea level [top]
How are observing/camping spaces assigned?
Camping spaces will not be assigned. They are on a 1st come basis. If you need additional space for other club members, so you can all camp together, please let us know when you register. Also, once you chose a space for your group, be sure to let the registration desk know where you are so we can notify the rest of your group when they arrive.[top]
How early can I arrive?
No early arrivals before noon on Wednesday. [top]
What times does the restaurant operate?
The restaurant will not be open for our event. This years caterer will be Larry’s Catering of New Oxford, PA. See the Info page for details. [top]

34 miles, 1 hr away
Lancaster County
75 minutes away
Visit the Amish
Shop The Outlets
Gettysburg National Military Park
40 minute drive from Star Party
Gettysburg National Military Park
Gettysburg National Military Park Home

Miniature Horse Farm
Great for children!
50 minute drive!
Land of Little Horses Farm Park


  • Best Western. Rt. 15 Mechanicsburg (717) 766-0238. 20 min
  • Holiday Inn, Rt. 74 & Rt. 30, York. (717) 846-9500.  30 min.
  • Hampton Inn, Rt. 15, Mechanicsburg (717) 691-1300. 20 min.